Summering/Articling Overview

Who are we looking for?

Cory summered and articled at Klippensteins. He is now an associate.

Klippensteins is looking for students who are committed and exceptionally talented . . . and nice.

What can you expect?

Since our students are committed and highly talented, we want them to become deeply involved in our cases as soon as possible. We give students as much responsibility as they demonstrate they can ably handle, increase their level of responsibility over time, and back them up with close supervision.


Our boardroom

The result is that students not only carry out legal research and drafting, but are guided into case strategizing, file management, advocacy, client relations and financial aspects of progressive practice management. We commonly involve students in extended “think” sessions with lead counsel on files, in which they help to explore and develop big picture strategy options and legal theories.

Students invariably find most of our cases extremely interesting, and the inherently worthwhile nature of our justice-centred work provides some unique rewards.

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